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Streaming Stations

Kodi is an Open Source Cloud Media and Access System (CMAS) or application that allows you to access (in an organized - neat and cool way) other cloud and local content. This means that you can access any information that is on your hard drive, your memory card, your network, or anything that your MAD (Media Access Device) is connected to. This gives you unlimited potential to use all your content and any other content out there be it local or on the cloud. And remember that anytime you connect a device to the internet it leaves your privacy and security vulnerable spyware and hacking to it's a good idea to consider a VPN like the one here.

The real fun comes when you realize the full potential of your media device such as the Fire TV stick is a great way to view with peace of mind.

TV Addons are another source of application or APK that will allow you to pull content from anywhere on the Internet, Web local drive or "in the cloud". There are thousands of programs that you can find like streaming stations now called IpTV (also known as Internet Protocol Television) that stream from all kinds of great sources like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV but what TV addonsadd to Kodi is even more interesting. They are source applications that organize all your favorite shows in one neat and easy-to-access package, and you'll find many completely free, legal TV, movie and radio streams.

We like Exodus for movies and syndicated shows, 1Channel or Cloud TV for real time live television. It is all in one place and you can still get to your favorite stations like NBC CBS ESPN and other stations that broadcast on the Web.

At Bluestream, we believe in providing you with all the best and latest information in the industry that will help you not only understand the technology, but how to access it and how to protect yourself from outside sources, avoid cloudy interruptions and other providers that might want to target you for ads as they do on the internet and on cable TV.

These programs have been so well thought out and designed you can trust that you are getting good safe content when you use the programs in the way that they are intended with the great recommendations that we constantly update and bring back to you. See a sample line up now at Bleustream.

Keep in mind that we are constantly updating these with selections like Mobdro and Pluto so you know how to find the best content all the time.

Keep coming back to Bleustream to learn what's happening in the industry and to get the best support. We are here to serve!


Show Time

Other streaming channels are available. Another example of available content is HBO, included in the Ala carte packages. Choose from your favorite lates movies like, Hunger Games, Thore, Game of Thrones, Gravity and Frozen, and Army Wives.


Another streaming source is HBO also available. content on HBO, includes favorite Movies and TV programs aligned with Orange Black, Arrow, Shameless, The Flash, Arrow, and House of Cards - Watch this fall Season for upcomming new releases and syndications.


All fans of sports can get into this program app, because it gives them what they want with all your favorite games and teams. See the next season with Lakers, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, New York Dinks, Dallas Mavericks, Trail Blazers and the rest of the line up.

Watch ESPN

Looking for other sporting events, sports fans love ESPN with with the the greatest choices including Wrestling Mania, Monday Night Foot ball, Olympic Games and all the rest with Indy races and boxing matches with un matched programming. A never ending list of sporting entertainment and events.

A & E

Here of course we can find all our favorite lat night shows like Live PD, Born This Way, First 48, L.A. Burning, Intervention, Cold Case Files and Nightwatch. Never leave them behind when selecting your favorite programs to keep you company at all times of day.

History Channel

The History Channel of course inclues all Americal favorite and world history that will keep you informed and entertained with the best classics, about World War, the English Channel, the Empire State Building, King Tut, Presidents of the United States and the fall and rise of world powers like Hitler and Hillary Clinton. Dont Forget the history Current and past of the old greats and the latest News about our Current president Donald J Trump - President of the United States of America.

PBS Kids

And of course lets not forget our kids and public programming. Remember to support your public broadcasting for shows not excluded Dragon Tales, Arthur, Marthe Speaks, Sid the Science Kiid, Soboomafoo, and of course all our favorite Curious George.

Bloom Berg TV - Ted Talks and more

Of course we have to remember another great favorite Bloom Berg and Ted Talks for programs we thought we would never see or may never want to watch again, but there are all out there and made available to your here and with the support and services all throught Bleustream.

In addition to the native content Amazon loads, additional apps can be added from a range of big name providers directly from the App Store on the device, such as KODI which comes loaded for you on every Fire Stick from Bleustream.

In addtion to the above what other kind of content can I get?

With the Fire Stick, you can watch what you want, when you want. There are over 5,000 channels, apps and games, plus live TV from CBS All Access, Sling TV and more.

Legal Note: Please beware it is prohibited to use any product or software to access any copyrighted programing without the authorization of the service provider.

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